Bro Robin C.S.Todd ROH PPGP PPKC

In R.A.O.B. G.L.E. Regalia


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Robin was born in a nursing home just outside of Hitchin, in Hertfordshire on 28th January 1938, his parents at the time living in the village of Arlesay near Royal Air Force Henlow where his Father worked. Robin's parentage was of a mixed background, his father, although born in England came from the Clan Gordon of Scotland, and his mother was a Crow [North American indigenous people] of the Blackfoot Nation from the Plains of Dakota, Mid West in the U.S.A. Robin was given his name by his Mother, Robin Charles Sherwood Todd, Charles after a favourite Uncle, Sherwood is given to the first son of a first son, Todd from the Clan Gordon [Tod, Todde, Fox].

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Robin's parents moved on shortly after he was born, as his father was posted to Royal Air Force St. Athan, Glamorganshire, S. Wales. He grew up in Wales as a boy and went to a Welsh speaking school. This was were he spent the WWII years of his life. During 1948 his Mother & Father parted company & went their separate ways. Robin & his sister Susan went with his Father to Swanwick Shore, near Southampton, and there, lived on a boat on the Hamble River. His Father now being out of the Forces and working for a company called A.S.T. Ltd Hamble, Julian their brother went with their mother. During 1950 Robin's Father was sent to the new Country of West Pakistan as an instructor in their new Air Force, there, for the next three years he trained apprentices. Robin & Susan went to School in Karachi for this period of their lives. Robin & family eventually returned to England during 1953, Robin joining the Royal Air Force & become a Boy Entrant in the 23rd Entry at Royal Air Force Cosford, near Wolverhampton, this was where he met Sheila his wife, who to date have been married 59 years. Robin stayed in the Air Force for 22 years not including his boy service, where he was a telegraphist (Telecommunications) by trade, but specialised in certain telecommunication practices, and spent most of his time overseas in the following countries or areas; Christmas Island (Grapple X & Y), Hickam AF Base (USAF Pacific Ocean), Melbourne R.A.A.F (Australia), Gibraltar, Kenyan Air Force (Eastleigh, East Africa), Steamer Point (Aden), Episcopi (Cyprus) & The British Embassy Muscat, (Oman). Of these Sheila joined him on all except the first two tours and Oman, but she did visit him in Oman. In the UK Robin & Sheila lived in the following area's; R.A.F. Lindholme & R.A.F. Bawtry in Doncaster, R.A.F. Naphill near High Wycombe, R.A.F. Bassingbourn near Royston, R.A.F. Little Rissington in Gloustershire & R.A.F. Stanbridge Leighton Buzzard Beds. His last posting in the UK was R.A.F. Stanbridge, Leighton Buzzard, but for sometime seconded to the U.S.A.F. at ...................

Robin & Susan did in fact meet up with Julian at Susan's wedding when Julian was 12 years old, and later, actually all got together again recently on the 17th February 2016. A family once more.

From 1978 to 1990, Robin owned his own Company (in partnership), this was known as L.J.R. Telecommunications Ltd, Robin being the Director of Operations, and 1990 to 2003 worked self employed as a Telephone Systems Installation Engineer. He retired in March 2003.


His Hobbies & Sports.

During his R.A.F. career he sailed for the Royal Air Force, the Combined Services and England, and continued to sail until 1999.

He was also very keen on Archery, this to establish a keen interest in a sport with his son Adrian, who became a very highly prized winner in the UK during his 14th year.

Then in Karting, again to establish a keen interest in some kind of sport with his grandson Adam, who became the UK Champion of Junior ProKart [Honda Twin Engine Karts] Racing during his 14th year.


Fraternal Orders that he belongs to

Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes [R.A.O.B. G.L.E.]


Bro Robin was Initiated into the R.A.O.B on 21.9.1970 in the El Firdan Lodge, Limassol & District, Cyprus No.2 Province.[By his friend and mentor Bro. Eric Herbert ROH GP2001 G.Tru.].

He gained his 2nd Degree, Primo, on 20.11.1971 in the Vale of Bourton Lodge, Gloucestershire Province.

His 3rd Degree, Knight Order of Merit, on 25.1.1975 in the Central Lodge, Luton & District Province.

Last, but not least, his 4th Degree, Member of the Roll of Honour, on 11.6.1980, at the Central Lodge, Luton & District

R.A.O.B. G.L.E. Lodges.

Initiated into the El Firdan lodge No.8677 Cyprus No.2  Limassol & District on the 21.9.70

Affiliated to the following Lodges:

Aphrodite Lodge No.9573 Cyprus No.2 on 6.11.70

Harry Leighton Lodge No.9775 Wolverhampton Province 28.3.71

Pelican Lodge No.9108 Banbury & District Province 10.5.71 [City Secretary]

Vale of Bourton Lodge No.8533 Gloucestershire Province 12.5.71

Turtle Lodge No.9384 G.L.D. 15.5.73

Batinah Lodge No.9898 G.L.D. 8.8.73 [City Secretary]

Central Lodge No.9281 Luton & District 14.3.74 [City Secretary]

Good Samaritan Lodge No.3805 Luton & District 10.6.75

Excelsior Lodge No.7556 Luton & District 26.7.77

Stewkley Lodge No.8084 North Bucks Province 1.8.91 [City Secretary]

Bletchley Park Lodge No.5262 North Bucks Province

Manor Oak Lodge No.10428 North Bucks Province 1.9.2003 [City Secretary]

Conformity Lodge No.7546 Aylesbury & District

Albert Lodge No.4780 North Bucks Province [Currently City Secretary]


Grand Oxford Banner (G.O.B.) Affiliated Banner

Cherwell Lodge No.13


Honours held

Knight President Luton & District Province 1982 [G.L.E.]

Knight President North Bucks Province 2001 [G.L.E.]

Provincial Grand Primo North Bucks Province 2002 [G.L.E.]

From January 2006, Ex-officio Officer G.L.E.

President Roll of Honour Assembly North Bucks Province 2010


Grand United Order of the Knights of the Golden Horn [G.U.O.K.G.H] (


Initiated into the Order on 27/4/2002 at the No.144 Grenville Encampment (Opening night).

2nd degree, Knight of the Golden Horn on 27/4/2002

3rd degree, Knight of the Shield on 27/4/2005

4th degree, Sir Knight Counsellor on 21/5/2008

5th degree, Senior Sir Knight Counsellor on 17/4/ 2013

Knight Commander of No.144 Grenville Enc., 2002.

Camp Scribe of No.144 Grenville Encampment, 2003 to date.

District Scribe of the Wessex District Encampment, 2005 to date.

Order of Merit 30.04.11

Grand Usher 30.04.11



Guild Companions of the Ark [G.C.A.]


Robin was one of the original five founders that re-started the G.C.A. he is currently the:

Grand Purser [Treasurer] from inception to 31 Mar 16

Grand Scribe [Secretary] w.e.f. 1st April 16

and a Past Supreme Grand Companion of the Order.

Robin's son Adrian is also a member of the R.A.O.B. an ROH and P.P.G.P. [2001], a member of the G.U.O.K.G.H. & holds the 5th degree or Senior Sir Knight Counsellor & Past Knight Commander & Past District Kt. Com. in the Order.  He is also a member of the Guild Companions of the Ark [G.C.A.], and at present holds the title of Supreme Grand Companion of the Ark.